Orrick RXI High School

In May of 2014, our school was hit by a tornado that severly damaged a large part of our small community of a little more than 800 residents. The Junior High science room was one of the rooms affected. This room contained a lab and our closet full of hands-on learning materials. We have all rallied and have worked hard to provide the students with as much as we can this year, but it’s been a challenge. This grant would be such an beneficial and generous gift to the students of our school. With all of the other things needing done with repairs to over half of our K-12 building, our budget for science materials doesn’t exist. Both the Junior High and High School science classes are taught through use of scientific inquiry. In order for the students to benefit the most, it is a must that we allow them the opportunity to learn and grow. This goes well beyond worksheets and textbooks!! This grant would allow the students to be able to continue to question, create, test, observe, and experiment. Our purpose as educators is to give the students the tools to be able to use each and everyday both in school and beyond. This grant would be used to replace items lost as well as help in stocking lab materials(chemicals, microscopes, slides, balances, test tubes etc). We would very much appreciate your consideration on behalf of the Orrick student body!!! GO BEARCATS!!!

Missy Werle and Tricia Peters

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