Guadalupe Centers High School

Guadalupe Centers High School is a public charter school in Kansas City, MO. We serve 400 students grades 9-12, 94% of which qualify for free and reduced lunch. We moved into our current location, and first real high school, four years ago. Since then, our staff have been creative with space and have worked extremely hard to make our school the best place for our students to thrive. One significant area of need for our school is the need for updated fitness equipment. Currently, our weight room is comprised of mostly used and broken equipment. With this $15,000 facilities enrichment grant, we would update our weight room so that our students have safe, age-appropriate, and quality fitness equipment.

Since moving to our new building, we have slowly added equipment to our weight room. Most of our equipment is used and/or broken. While what we have is not much, our students thrive with the equipment we do have. Through the weightlifting courses and the weightlifting club we offer, hundreds of personal records have been set by students. While we have made strides in the area of fitness in general, our efforts have maxed out in what our we are able to do. This is primarily due to the fact that much of our equipment is used and nearing its tail end of life. Additionally, we do not have enough equipment for all students to perform the same exercises at the same time. For example, on squat days only 3-4 students can complete their workout since we only have one squat rack. This makes it extremely difficult for our Physical Education teacher to execute his lessons and workouts in a timely and efficient manner.

Although we do have a weight room, it is ill-equipped. Due to budget constraints and the cost of fitness equipment, we have had to resort to purchasing pre-owned fitness equipment. This has proved difficult to maintain and does not serve the needs of our students. Our school is located near the heart of downtown Kansas City and most of our students are either first or second generation immigrants. Through this, our students have developed a tremendous work ethic. This is demonstrated through their academic achievements, as well as, their fitness achievements.

If awarded this grant, our goals would be to provide students with the foundational knowledge needed to live a healthy, fit lifestyle. Additionally, this weight room would help our student-athletes become more fit with the goal of earning athletic scholarships. We greatly appreciate you considering Guadalupe Centers High School for this $15,000 facilities enrichment grant!

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