Tina-Avalon RII

We are a small school in North-Central Missouri. As a K-12 building with a student body population of 168, we strive to give our students the very best. Our small school has mighty visions; however, we don’t always have the funds to see our visions through.
In a world full of technology, fewer and fewer kids are getting outside and experiencing nature. Our dream is to provide an outdoor learning area where we can take what we learn in the classroom and apply it outdoors allowing the students to immerse themselves in science through a hands on approach using STEM activities in a creative way. Integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will allow students to investigate the world around them. We believe this will help students become more critical thinkers by encouraging creativity and problem solving. It could impact the lives of many students now, as well as many to come since this money would be utilized for a permanent project, that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford! $15,000 would go a really long way in helping provide materials to build ecosystems, greenhouses, weather stations, and much more!

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