Cass Midway R-1

Cass Midway R-1 school district is a small rural k-12 school. All students K-12 are in the same building-all grades and staff have to share resources and facilities. Our total student population is approximately 420 students. We are not a wealthy district but we are very close knit community.

Most recently we lost our beloved theater and music director, Mr. Meredith, to cancer. He ran both programs for all students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Mr. Meredith was kind, funny, caring and very passionate about exposing students to the benefits of fine arts. He was the only music teacher in the district, he had to teach all music classes (except band), all choir classes, he was also in charge of producing and preparing for our Christmas and spring concerts, the annual Veterans Day program and graduations. He also produced and often starred in school plays that often included students from all grades (Kindergarten-12).

Because we are a small rural district funds are limited. Despite this, Mr. Meredith did the best he could with the resources we had available. Unfortunately our sound system is greatly lacking as is our music/theater equipment. If this grant was awarded to our district we would think it would be best used to buy supplies to improve equipment for both the theater and music departments. Being able to purchase upgraded equipment would be a fabulous way to honor Mr. Meredith.

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