Frassati Academy

Frassati Academy Frassati Academy is wrapping up its Pilot Year. It was born in 2018 as a school uniquely designed to appeal to 9-12th grade boys. It is a hybrid high school, which means it meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30am-4pm, with work done at home on the other days of the week. This format prepares the students for the college-style class schedule and encourages them to practice time management, organization, and prioritizing tasks. The day includes two full hours of physical activity, including exercise, large group game and sports practices. First Fridays are set aside for manual work days, when boys learn and practice skills, including chopping wood, fence building and lawn care. The boys all played on a basketball team through a parks and recreation program this year. The school hopes to find a way to play in a local athletic conference soon. Boys come from all over the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, including Atchison, Kansas. We want to reach more boys! The grant would be used to work on the athletic program and the shop skills offerings, including wood working, auto maintenance, and home building and improvement courses. The grant money would be put to good use immediately and make a major impact in the growth of Frassati Academy.

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