Kansas City Academy

For over thirty-five years, Kansas City Academy (KCA) has offered unique learning opportunities to a wide range of students from throughout the greater Kansas City community. KCA prides itself in its inclusive, individual-centered atmosphere and approach to learning. On stepping through our doors, students enter a school environment in which they are encouraged and supported in exploring the talents and gifts they offer the world around them, and the wonder and possibilities the world offers them. Those physical doors, though, could stand to be replaced, redone, to reflect that sense of possibility we foster.

In a building that is over 90 years old, many of its quirks and idiosyncrasies bring some character to the place. Some, though, present obstacles. Funding from your Facilities Enrichment Grant Contest would allow us to replace the out of date, decrepit doors and create school entrances that live up to the symbolic significance of entering our place of learning.

Improvements to our primary entrances would make our school more physically accessible and safer for all. Our current older doors often require a bit of mechanical manipulation and an occasional push. The $15,000 award funds would go a long way to replace existing doors and enhance related structure that would: 1) Make our school facility genuinely accessible for all (and bring us toward ADA compliance), 2) Improve school security, 3) Create a physical entrance that highlights our school mission and values promoting inclusiveness, openness, and the value and worth of each and every individual.

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