Cristo Rey Kansas City

Cristo Rey Kansas City ~ The School that Works
Cristo Rey Kansas City (CRKC) is the only private school option for parents of limited means. The school is funded by parent financial commitment – $10-$30 a month, individual donors, students’ work study jobs, and foundation grants. CRKC receives limited federal funds and no money from the state.
Students receive a college preparatory education and invaluable experience and training on the job. Work study jobs subsidize approximately 50% of the cost of education. Cristo Rey secures student work permits, manages taxes, and provides insurance. Student workers are placed at over 120 companies in the metropolitan area including two union shops, three plumbing supply houses, and the Bank of Labor.
A longer school day and an extended school year ensures that students do not miss valuable classroom time. This necessitates students waiting for prolonged periods of time for either school transportation or their parents. At present, students have access to one picnic table. With a facilities improvement grant, we would like to have several tables with a portico. As a good neighbor, we would like to not only preserve the residential feel but also offer a layer of safety to our student athletes on the practice field by obscuring the view from the street with college billboards.

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