Kingsville High School

Hello, we are Madison Mitstifer and Madison Morgan. We are 8th grade students in the Kingsville R1 school district. Our school is in a very rural area of Missouri, with less than 300 students in our district. Next year our school is starting two new classes, construction and welding. When joining these classes students can extend their knowledge of Industrial Tech and Woods one and two. Our teacher Mr.Crotty is our schools woods teacher. He grew up watching his father work in the union and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps but with helping students. Our school would use the $15,000 to repair our venting system, welding supplies, and send our teachers to training. As students this is really important to us to be able to grasp these skills and use them in our future lives. In our town it’s important to have these skills order to succeed. Our next 4 years of high school would definitely benefit from these classes. We have an interest in these subjects and hope they can give us a better look into our future. 40% of Kingsvilles graduated students join the workforce or join technical school. Giving us these options can help a lot of students find an interest in these fields.

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