Lincoln College Prep

Lincoln College Preparatory Academy in Kansas City, MO is one of the oldest high schools west of the Mississippi River. It is also one of the most outdated. The weight room is located in a converted pool and contains outdated and old equipment. Despite these conditions, the five weights classes during the school day are still over capacity. The students sometimes complain about the old equipment or the lack of a full set of dumbbells, but mostly they come in to class ready to work and to get better. Because of the students self-motivation we are a 100% graduation to college school and the students push themselves to succeed despite our sometimes less than desirable facilities. Lincoln has been a top-rated academic school for a long time, but the deficits in the weight room and athletic facilities have hurt school pride. This year, I have had to cover some old equipment with trash bags to ensure that students do not hurt them self in the weight room on the old equipment. We have also placed some athletic tape over our rusty barbells. Please help us take that step towards becoming a well-rounded school and giving our students a sense of equity when it comes to the weight room and athletics.

Thank you for your consideration.

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