St. James Academy

St. James Academy began in 2005 and has grown from 124 students in its first year to more than 900 students attending from both Missouri and Kansas. More than 97% of SJA students participate in after-school activities, and the majority of athletic activities (including football, soccer, and track/field) must be held off-campus because the school does not have appropriate facilities available for most teams to practice at school. SJA students deserve to have a proper lighted practice facility for students to safely practice with their teams onsite.

St. James Academy is the only high school in Lenexa, KS and the only school (high school and/or most middle schools) within a 30-mile radius without a turf practice facility. Most sports teams must travel off campus for practice and home games. Many students travel daily with their learner’s permits and/or newly acquired drivers licenses on busy highways and streets during peak traffic hours to practice after-school sports. Students currently must arrive at offsite practice facilities by 4:00 PM in order to ensure the team has an hour and a half to practice while there is still light. This comes as a hardship to student athletes who often drive more than 45-minutes to participate in extracurricular activities. Support from the Skilled Sheet Metal Professionals, 99.7 The Point, and SMACNA will help purchase lighting for the current field project to help make after-school practices safe for all student athletes.

This project will not only create a safe onsite practice facility for current students, but allow the school to have more community events to reconnect alumni and engage the neighborhood. The practice facility will be available for local middle schools to practice and neighbors to walk the track once completed. Thank you for your consideration in supporting student athletes in Kansas!

5 Responses to “St. James Academy”

  1. Derek Feist says:

    St. James has a phenomenal staff that went out of their way to prepare me for my life and professional career as a physical therapist. As a former student who participated in football, wrestling and track (all 3 practice off facility) I can only agree that there is a safety issue of having so many students leave at once for off campus practice or scrimmaging as it is getting dark. St. James is a special place and I know they would be grateful.

  2. Ernie says:

    This would be a huge help to the St. James Community. The one thing this great school is missing is a football field that the existing community can gather around. This kind of donation would make a huge difference and step towards enriching this community.

  3. Sam Bruning says:

    I attended St. James Academy as a student and now as a teacher and coach at the school. This grant would greatly enhance the culture of our school. In PE, we do not have a consistent area outside where our students can get physical activity. There is no track for our students to run on to promote living a healthy and active lifestyle. In the Fall, our football team has to find other facilities to practice because our grass field gets too dangerous with holes in the ground and with it getting dark very early in October. I am so excited to see how much this turf field will boost the everyday life here for our students. The $15,000 would be a huge help to raising money for paying for the field and benefiting our kids. Thank you considering us!

  4. Chris Lyons says:

    As a member of the first class to graduate from St. James, a former football player and someone who is excited to one day send my children to St. James as wel, I would love to see this school receive the grant they so deserve. St. James is a very special play and hangs it’s Jantzen on inclusivity and community. This grant would help to further promote those virtues and allow the school to continue to from and compete with others in the area that may be more established.

  5. Kim Feist says:

    St. James Academy is an incredible place, and is home to not only its current students, but families, alumni, and the greater community as well. Having an upgraded facility would allow for more safety of the students who currently drive off campus for daily and weekly events, but would also allow for a stronger sense of community at a place that inspires students, alumni, and families to do good for others outside of its campus as well. Just as it’s so important for people to have a safe, comfortable and loving home to come back to, so too all of those involved with St. James will benefit greatly from having their hub of its community upgraded and stronger so that the people whose lives are intertwined with it can be better connected, safe, and better serve others outside the building as well.