Midway R-1 High School

Midway High School is a small rural school near south of Kansas City and just east of the Kansas line. We have a small high school with 250 students. We only have two science teachers that are working to give the students all their science knowledge and hand on activities as possible. Due to the size of our school, we have a small budget and unable to afford opportunities some of the students from larger schools receive. Math and Science skill are of utmost importance in today society. The students at Midway High School would love to start developing a STEAM program, but at this time have not been able to afford the needed items to get this program started. They would like to purchase STEAM modulators as well as a 3D printer to start their journey. This money would help and benefit all Midway high school students. It would help develop a program that will benefit students not just this year but years to come. Many school already have a program like this in place, and the Midway students desire to develop a successful program similar to what they have seen in other schools. Our goals with this program is to help our students become innovative problem solvers. The STEAM curriculum challenges our students to become thinkers. We feel like with this money it would give Midway students the same opportunity the larger school students. We would appreciate the this grant would give Midway High School.

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