Sherwood Cass R-VIII

Sherwood is a consolidated school district in a rural area, were everybody knows your name, and I mean everyone! Sherwood has adopted a motto from our principal Mr. Himes, “Adapt, improvise, and overcome”. The students strive to do their best with little resources and find ways to overcome obstacles every day. Sherwood’s needs for improvement are all over the high school building. The Ag department is in need of more outlets. The English department is in need of books, the English teachers pay for those books out of their own pockets! The Science department is need of lab equipment such as hot plates, safety glasses, beakers and the microscopes fixed or replaced. Oh, and maybe a 3D printer for the STEM and biomedical class if it’s not too greedy. The track team needs a new cover for the high jump mat as it has holes in it from mice. The track team is also in need of new jump standards as well as a timing system for meets. I can’t forget about the art department, the kiln needs repaired. The art teacher takes the fragile clay sculptures to the elementary to be fired. The math classes would love to have a class set of calculators with batteries for back up. These are just a few of the items on Sherwood’s wish list of improvements that one day we hope to fill. Win or lose we hope you will come to Sherwood so we can learn your name!

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