Park Hill South

I would like to nominate Park Hill South for this grant. In the last week, our school broke our district’s record. The Park Hill South’s robotics team won a regional competition which makes the team eligible to compete in the world competition in Houston, Texas in April. Before I get into information about PHS and their robotics team I’ll inform you more about the background of FIRST. FIRST in the company/organization that all robotics teams work through. At the high school level, we compete in the category called FRC (first robotics competition). Every year there is a new game challenge that your robot will have to complete. During the competition, you are randomly placed with two other robotics teams and that is your alliance for that round. By the end of qualification matches, the top 8 schools get to choose two other teams to be with them for the rest of the semifinals and finals. Our robotics team, team 5126, the Electromagnetic Panthers (EMP) was chosen to be in the fourth alliance. In the end, we beat all of the highest ranking teams and our alliance won the whole regional!

FIRST stands for: For inspiration and recognition of science and technology. That is the motto that we stand by. Our school’s goal follows those ideals as well, we are working helping reach all people, not just our students, but our community with STEM. Park Hill South’s robotics team gives all students a family and a instant group of friends that they will have forever. Also, the robotics team at South doesn’t just build a robot. Community outreach is one of the most important parts of the team. We go out and do activities with younger children and teach them about STEM. For example, we go to libraries, schools within our district and even school outside our district to give them speeches about what we do on our team. Also, we show them our tee-shirt cannon so they can learn things like what is a drive train or what the “brain” of a robot is and the language that is used to program it. The robotics team is nothing like anything else we have in our school. We have a no members pay policy, therefore everything is fundraised and earned by the students. Another fact is that the club is completely student lead, we do have mentors and coaches that teach us the skills we need in order to guide us and keep us safe. A quote from junior member Ian Flowers, “FIRST isn’t only about building robots. It’s about the challenges that we overcome, the friendships that are built, and the lessons that we learn.” Robotics is so much more than just a high school club, it changes the whole school’s and the community’s dynamics. Through robotics, our school can take pride in the fact that we are STEM-oriented and ready to change the future.

This grant will be greatly appreciated as well as spent righteously. A majority of the money will help us go to the world competition in Houston. Then, because of recent events, we now have more recognition and we will be able to use the rest of the grant to further our outreach in order to teach the world about STEM.

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