Center Place Restoration School

Our school is a Christian school that only has one mission, to learn and grow our faith in God together in a learning environment. We are a pre-K though 12 school that though the past few years has been struggling quite a bit. Our textbooks have not been updated since 2008, our roof leaks, our bathrooms are not the best and not to mention our bright orange carpet from the 1970s. We are nonprofit organization funded only by donations. We really need help so we don’t have to close down. I am a Junior currently, but I have been going to the school since I was in kindergarten. This school really means a lot to me and it’s mission. So please help us to fix our school.

7 Responses to “Center Place Restoration School”

  1. Stephanie Kennemore says:

    Center place restoration school has been a great school for my kids. Our school could use the money to fix or repair or school books or even more library books. 2 of my kids have been there since kindergarten and another since 6th grade. They are all now in 5th 6th and 11th. Center place restoration school has helped many families come God and many kids getting the attention they need to succeed. This money would help this all continue so not worry about ever closing down.

  2. Rachel Miller says:

    Center Place Restoration School is an amazing school. They have many students who are from low income families. There are many updates that need to be completed in order to give the students the best facilities possible. Since CPRS doesn’t get outside funding, it’s hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done. This money would help exponentially.

  3. Nicole Hazen says:

    Both of my kids go to centerplace restoration and have for the last 8 years. I can not imagine my children going to any other school ever. They are the most incredible and caring bunch of people. It’s like a family there. Its a school were Gods spirit and love truly dwells. Our kids are getting an excellent education there. Center place restoration school keeps going because of the love dedication and of all the staff and families that give of themselves in everyway everyday. Our funding comes soley from donations. Please pick centerplace restoration as our school really needs the funds.

  4. David Wood says:

    Updated textbooks, replaced roof, and updated locker room facilities are enormous needs this school – Center Place Restoration School in Independence, MO.

  5. Emma says:

    This school is an amazing place and deserves every good thing. Even with their financial struggles, they still find a way to sponsor students who can’t afford the private school fee. I nominate CPRS!

  6. Lisa says:

    CPRS could really use this money for basic things, like window and roof repairs. The gym roof is leaking, which is causing damage to the beautiful gym floor. Currently, there just isn’t the funding to take care of more than day-to-day operations and emergency needs. We could really use an extra boost to give our building some TLC! Please choose CPRS for this very generous gift!

  7. Sarah Eliason says:

    I graduated from CPRS a few years ago and received a wonderful education. The biggest need of the building right now is that the roof leaks. It has ruined the gymnasium floor as well as causing mold in several class rooms. Nearly all of the textbooks are outdated by 10-15 years and falling apart. If CPRS received the $15,000 it would surely be put to good use in a way that would benefit the student immensely.