Raytown South High School

High School is a formative and pivotal transitional period of life. Hopefully, it develops, inspires, and gives us reason to discover and believe in our potential. We all know high school also has its challenges. I will not list the concerns, as many are common to all high schools (e.g. mental health). Rather, I want to focus on a situational concern at Raytown South. Few, if any, would recognize this need, but it is very real. It supports education indirectly, but in a sensitive way. The school clinic does not have adequate privacy for students, nor does it enable the best care for students. Many medical needs are accompanied by embarrassment and/or pain. When you enter the Clinic at Raytown South, you are generally met with staring eyes. This is not welcoming and can limit honest, but important conversations, with the school nurse. Also, a wheel chair ramp from the nurse’s nearby exterior door, could allow for quick assistance from EMT or ambulances, as opposed to wheeling students or having them crutch the length of multiple hallways. A rethink of the physical space is needed. I would happily offer more ideas. I am keeping this short to keep your eyes happy and your time protected. Please consider this unique project. A donation toward Raytown South could offer help for many students in their moment of need. Thanks for supporting our community or region, no matter who is chosen.

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