St Michael the Archangel

St Michaels is a new Catholic School located in Lees Summit Missouri. It opened up in 2017 and is only on its second year. Many many great things have happened at this school in only those two years. Students from Ohara High School which recently closed were moved to St Michael. I was freshman in 2017 so that makes me the real first class that will be St Michaels only. I was very excited to come to St Michaels and its already improved and grown so much. It has opened the doors to so many new things for me personally and allowed me to grow and develop my own intrest and those of others. The school could use that money for great things such as paying of debate from the new building, whatever it is used for it we would appreciate it more than anyone else.

2 Responses to “St Michael the Archangel”

  1. Gina Stringfield says:

    St. Michael’s Aviation Program is a unique, exciting opportunity for students. SMA partnered with the Lees Summit Airport and hired a retired Air Force and Commercial Airline pilot to direct the school aviation program. There are about 30 schools in the country that are in their second year teaching this AOPA-developed aviation curriculum, and SMA is the only school with an instructor who has prior piloting experience. Students completing the four-year program with the required flight training hours outside of class will be able to graduate with a pilot’s license. Students enrolled in the second year of this class are not receiving the required training. The flight simulator the school needs is required for students to complete the training hours necessary to earn the pilot’s license.

    SMA opened with the data infrastructure of servers and network components brought over from the school it replaced to mitigate costs; and they are becoming obsolete. The servers need to be replaced and upgraded to provide state-of-the art technology for students. If you are running technology toward the end of its life, you are putting your data systems at considerable risk.

    14,600 – New Server *Dell PowerEdge’R740
    $ 1,300 – Back-up Server 5 3TB Hard Disks
    $ 4,000 – Desktop Computers to replace 8 obsolete lab computers ($500/ea.)
    $12,500 -Flight Simulator *BATD Touch Trainer VM Fixed Wing Flight Simulator

    My son is a freshman at SMA. SMA opened in 2017 as the first new Catholic high school built by the Diocese of Kansas City-Saint Joseph in over 50 years. It replaced both St Mary’s and Archbishop O’Hara High Schools and enrolls around 320 students in grades 9-12. Your generous Facilities Enrichment Grant would go a long way to help our students academically and professionally. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. JoAnn Atkinson says:

    St. Michael’s school needs the Flight Simulator for students so they can complete the necessary training to earn their pilot’s license. The current need is particularly necessary for those students participating for the second year in this program. Students are excited about the opportunity to sign up for the Aviation Program at school and it is a winning partnership with the Lees Summit Airport facility. The AOPA-developed aviation curriculum is very hands-on and practical in nature. It requires portions of lessons to include training using a flight simulator. Additionally, the school needs funds to purchase a new server to replace the existing one that is becoming obsolete. Please help the students and school by awarding the Facilities Enrichment Grant to St. Michael Archangel High School. This is the second year SMA has been providing a Catholic education for students, and with any organization in its second year, it takes time to acquire the resources necessary to further provide the enriched learning SMA has to offer . Thank you for your consideration.