Shawnee Mission Christian School

The needs of a facility that was built in 1961 are great, but it is amazing what the staff and students accomplish year in and year out at Shawnee Mission Christian School. Located on Mission Road, two blocks south of the “Landmark” Kansas City Joe’s Gas Station/Restaurant, SMCS is a beehive of activity!

Getting to the point of my essay, Shawnee Mission Christian School is in dire need of a gymnasium overhaul. This project has been on the hearts and minds of the athletes and the families that make up our fine school for over a decade now. Our gym’s ceiling is functional but damaged. It does not leak and the insulation is in place but the backing of the insulation has been patched and taped and taped and patched time and time again. Our light bulbs in the ceiling are the ones that take 10 minutes to reach their optimum brightness and if turned off accidentally, well, you know the drill, all games and or activities are suspended for 20 minutes for the lights to cool and come back on. (We have intentionally moved one of the light switches to the electrical closet to keep this from happening.) Some of our light bulbs are protected by metal fixtures. Some of the bulbs are protected by glass fixtures, only because they have not been broken by an errant volley or pass or shot.

Our gym ceiling is old and patched. Our lights are old and broken. What a wonderful gift $15,000 would be!

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  1. Sandra Owen says:

    Keeping tuition as low as possible allows families to send their children to SMCS for an excellent education. It does not however, provide funding for projects that take larger amounts of money. This funding would be put to good use in upgrading the lighting/ceiling of our gym which is desperately needed!

  2. Lois Pearson says:

    I would love for our school to win the $15,000 Facilities Enrichment Grant. I know one of our parents who is a policeman downtown in Kansas City, Missouri sacrifices a lot to send his children to our school. He works very long hours and many double shifts to care for his children. He played basketball while attending our school and now his children play basketball there. He is a wonderful dad along with many other mom’s and dad’s who love watching their kids play in our gym. We love our school but just do not have the needed funds to keep it updated the way we would love for it to be for our children and grandchildren. My children attended SMCS and played volleyball and basketball there and now my granddaughter is a student there and plays volleyball and basketball in the gym. Children of all ages use the gym year round as our school includes Wee Care, Preschool, Grade School, Jr. High and High School. Thank you for considering one of the best little schools in the Kansas City Area for this Grant!

  3. Clem & Brenda Champagne says:

    As grandparents of 2 students I am amazed at how Shawnee Mission Christian School accomplishes so much with so little. They provide a diversity of experiences for students and a solid education with a very small, hard working staff. But their facilities, particularly the gym, are badly in need of a grant to ensure that the school is safe and welcoming for students and visitors. The gym is used every day and on weekends as well. It provides not only a wonderful place for sports but is used continually for student, parent and supporter events. It is kept clean but the ceiling of the gym is a real eyesore. The patchwork of repairs has kept any further damage at bay but it is not a welcoming place for guests or for the students to participate in sports activities or have events. Because the gym is central to the school (all classrooms are off the gym); the gym could be a centerpiece for helping the school grow and provide an inviting environment for all. I would strongly recommend this grant for Shawnee Mission Christian School. They are faithful in the use of gifts and truly deserve this grant.

  4. Renee Bourdess says:

    I recommend Shawnee Mission Christian School as a recipient of this grant. Despite not receiving any state funding their students excel in fine arts and their robotics team is gaining regional attention. Their teachers are personally invested in the lives of each student, sacrificing opportunities for higher pay in the public system. The school has no other funding sources other than tuition and gifts. Facility updates are badly needed. Their gym is a focal point for their school and the ceiling is in dire need of repair. The gym is used not only for sporting events but also for banquets and recruiting events and all the classrooms are off of the gym. This grant would enable the school to remove the current damaged ceiling and provide a safe and attractive space for the students and guests. A new ceiling would boost morale and aid in recruiting efforts.

  5. Bob Anderson says:

    My children attend Shawnee Mission Christian School and they could really use this grant. SMCS meets the needs of so many families, but the facilities are in need of some major fixes. The ceiling insulation is old and patched; this money could help clean it up. Please choose our school!

  6. Kevin Leek says:

    My children have been attending SMCS for 10 years. They do an excellent job of making every dollar count and ensuring every dollar is best used toward the kids enrolled. I would not be surprised to see them take a $15000 grant and apply $20k or $30k worth of improvements to the learning environment.

  7. Evelyn Israel says:

    There is no more deserving school that I know of!

  8. Jill thomas says:

    Our family loves Shawnee mission Christian school. We have five children and private school for our family requires my husband to work extra jobs to afford school for our kids. We trust that the administration utilizes each dollar wisely. They utilize volunteers around the school whenever possible. It doesn’t leave a lot of extra money for projects around the school. Winning this grant would be a huge boost for our school that has
    A lot of parents like us that work multiple jobs to afford an education for our kids.

  9. kimberlie alice hanna says:

    I graduated from SMCS in 1983 and improvements of the gym would be wonderful.

  10. Rachel Fitzsimmons says:

    SMCS is a wonderful community that more than deserves this grant. Speaking as a former student and a current teacher, the gym is where my best and worst experiences were…best because of the camaraderie of my team and support of my coaches as we practiced and played, worst because of the poor lighting, concrete floor, and inconsistent temperature. I sincerely believe this grant would enhance the experience of the students and help provide an atmosphere conducive to learning. In the end, that’s what it’s all about, right?

  11. Jana Bourdess says:

    For a small private school who has been around serving 100s of people for decades that does not receive any government funding, Shawnee Mission Christian School is in need of much TLC. The gym has some major problems with the ceiling. The duct tape holding the falling insulation in place and patching holes is only going to last so much longer. We’ve already had supporters do much research and know what we need to repair and give our gym the needed facelift. The funds for the repairs are just not there to make it happen. This grant would help that dream become a reality for our talented athletes and dedicated coaches.
    In addition, the gym is used for many formal events. We would love to surprise our grandparents at our grandparents day celebration with a beautiful reception area, to give a “royal room” to our homecoming court when the king and queen are introduced, and to present a stunning banquet hall for our annual Black Tie event through this gift.
    Please choose Shawnee Mission Christian School for this grant!

  12. Brenda. McCord says:

    My sister has been a teacher at Shawnee Mission Christian School for many years. I have watched my nieces grow up attending this school. They are truly a family at the school. The teachers and staff work tirelessly to make sure the students get a quality education and learn good values and morals to carry them through their lives. Getting this grant would be a huge blessing for a small school that has such a big impact on young lives!

  13. Brenda McCord says:

    My sister has been a teacher at Shawnee Mission Christian School for many years. I have watched my nieces grow up attending this school. They are truly a family at the school. The teachers and staff work tirelessly to make sure the students get a quality education and learn good values and morals to carry them through their lives. Getting this grant would be a huge blessing for a small school that has such a big impact on young lives!

  14. Brenda McCord says:

    My sister has taught at Shawnee Mission Christian School for many years and I have watched my four nieces grow up attending this wonderful small school. I watch the teachers and staff work tirelessly to give these young people a quality education and instill strong moral values. The people that make up this school are truly a family. They all work together to send these young people on to reach their full potential. A grant like this would be a great blessing to a small school that makes such a big impact!!

  15. Ana Campos says:

    I went to school there starting in 3rd grade. I now have my 4 year old and my 11 year old attending there. They have always worked with me with my tuition. They have never turned away anyone that could not afford to send their children there. I believe our school deserves the grant because they always try everything possible to provide the best they can for our students. There is a lot of areas in the school that can use an update and I know our school will make every dollar count.

  16. Audrey Cumberland says:

    SMCS needs this grant!

  17. Anna Douvier says:

    SMCS really needs this grant!

  18. Justin Hawkins says:

    Would love to see SMCS receive the much needed finding. They are an asset to the community and make wise use of limited funds. Because funding is limited, facility maintenance and improvements have had to take secondary priority to the critical educational materials.

  19. Cassy Wolfram says:

    I recommend Shawnee Mission Christian school to receive the grant! They are a wonderful school with an amazing staff, and will use this money wisely!

  20. Cassy Wolfram says:

    I recommend that Shawnee Mission School receive the grant! They are a wonderful school with an incredible staff. They will use the money wisely!

  21. Julie Myer says:

    The facilities could definitely need some help, but it’s amazing what the teachers and students accomplish in multiple areas–robotics, music, art… It would be great to see them get help updating the gym. The students and coaches put a lot of heart into their sports as they do in everything else.

  22. My daughter has attended Shawnee Mission Christian School for three grades now and I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing this is. She’s so happy here and has so many friends and receives a Christian education. She attended with a full scholarship her first year due to financial issues and I am forever grateful for that generosity. This school deserves to be the recipient of this very generous grant because they do so very much for their students and families. The gym repair would be such a blessing to these awesome kids!!

  23. Amy Smith says:

    What a blessing it would be for SMCS to receive this grant! To say they are wise stewards and resourceful is an understatement – I agree with the above poster that they could make this stretch to meet as many needs as possible.

  24. Sherri Holland says:

    You will never find a more hardworking, dedicated team of educators and servant leaders than the wonderful staff of SMCS! It has been decades since I attended school here, but I am still involved and see the long hours of labor put in by staff and volunteers day after day and week after week. There is no fluff in the budget and the desire of their hearts is to provide a high quality education in a high quality environment. I can attest to their success and I know that these funds would be used to the greatest advantage in making improvements!

  25. Rachel Starr says:

    Thank you so much for considering SMCS for this grant! They are such a wonderful school, but are in desperate need of repairs and updating. There is no doubt this grant would be put to good use and would greatly impact the well being of this school and its students.

  26. Vanessa Rapp says:

    Our school is a really great school and lots of people rely on the school because of its locality. The staff has a desire to teach and support Christian and non-christian families in their education. We could really use the money to help renovate our school to make it more usable and appealing.
    This grant would mean a lot to many people!

  27. Joy S says:

    SMCS would really benefit from this grant. I have no affiliation with this organization, but I have seen many needs abounding that would greatly improve with the proposed funds, especially in the gymnasium. This school employs hard-working staff and this grant would not be wasted in this facility. Definitely worth considering!

  28. Alice Bunjer says:

    You will not find a more deserving school of a grant than Shawnee Mission Christian School. The teachers work hard on small incomes and go above and beyond not only just teaching their students but by coaching, sponsoring and even helping to keep the facilities looking good. The tuition is the lowest in the Metro in order for everyone the opportunity to afford private schooling. The gym is the focal point of the school with all the classrooms around it. It is constantly in use all year round. The ceiling insulation has become brittle with age, and the lights are so old that they are hard to find to replace. Even the beams cause issues with balls getting stuck in them. Because of the old insulation, the gym is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. A ceiling makeover would not only enhance the look of the gym but also help in conserving energy.

  29. Sheri Anderson says:

    I have been directly involved with Shawnee Mission Christian School for the past 19 years as a teacher and a coach. My children also attend SMCS. It has been a desire for many years to improve our gymnasium. Our current goal, as mentioned in the nomination essay, is to install better lighting and replace the old patched ceiling. This grant would go a long ways to reaching that goal! Please consider Shawnee Mission Christian School!

  30. Renae Hodgin says:

    Shawnee Mission School produces some fantastic very talented people. I have been impressed with the standard of learning that the school requires. They desperately need a new gymnasium. They continue to strive for excellence being very frugal with their money but what a boost to their moral a new gym would be.

  31. Susan Holcombe says:

    SMCS Really needs this grant! Please consider them when making your decision. Thank you!

  32. Jeffrey Bunjer says:

    I had the privilege of being a part of Shawnee Mission Christian School for 17 years, part of the time as administrator and part of the time as teacher. My wife and I loved our time at the school and all three of our children graduated from SMCS. It has a special place in our hearts. But having been involved in the leadership of the school I realize how frugal the school has been over the years and how they have been able to do much with little means. The grant of $15,000 would be such a boost to the school. The needs are great in the building. It would go a long way to help repair some of the many things that need fixed or replaced. Please consider very strongly helping this gem of a school. They are very deserving! It would be a small reward for their many years of selfless service.

  33. Stan Lightfoot says:

    Shawnee Mission Christian School has a place dear to our hearts. My wife, Jan (Durham) Lightfoot served as the Kindergarten teacher from 1978 to 1981. It was her first teaching “job” and she loved it! To this day, kids (now adults with their own children) come up to her and thank her for teaching them at SMCS. Our thanks to SMCS for building into children the strength to be solid citizens and consistent followers of Jesus Christ.

  34. Lydia C says:

    Our gym is falling apart and we really need this grant. Our lighting is awful and the floor is a mess.

  35. Eliza T. says:

    We really need a new gym because if you fall it hurts. Our concrete is chipping.

  36. maria g says:

    Our gyms paint is chipping. Since the gym is concrete it hurts the player’s joints and especially hurts my knees when we play sports.

  37. Jeydan U says:

    We need a new floor and roof really bad! I love school and it is great! Please help us!

  38. Makalynn Z says:

    Hi! One reason we need this money is because we are low on funds and this grant would be great. I play volleyball and we as players get hurt because our floor is cracking and chipping when get hurt really badly.

  39. Mady Z says:

    We need a new floor. Our floor is getting so old that it’s falling apart and it’s concrete so it is not the safest gym. In addition, our ceiling is honestly just falling apart. If a ball hits the ceiling, often times, debris will fall. I’ve been going to SMCS for all of my junior high and high school and I’ve just seen it fall apart more and more. This grant would really help us out.

  40. Louie F says:

    As an athlete at SMCS, I would love to have a new floor and ceiling! We could really use this grant to help renovate our building before the fall.