Smithville High School

Smithville High School is a wonderful school located in Smithville, MO. I am currently a senior, and this year, our district is going through some serious budget issues because we just built a new elementary school. Our marketing teacher resigned and on the bill for the next school board meeting, they are proposing to not hire a new one, which will ultimately dissolve all of our marketing classes, DECA club and working internship programs. DECA has been a huge part of my high school career. It teaches students about business and marketing and gives them an opportunity to compete and show all of those skills that they have developed in these classes. There is also an internship program, where students have the opportunity to get valuable work experience at a business. The thought of future students not having the opportunity for these programs and classes, deeply saddens me. I have personally learned so much from the classes and I know they have inspired so many people to pursue marketing as a career. If our school won the $15,000, I know it would go towards funds for programs that are potentially endangered because of the budget cuts, especially a new marketing teacher.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this and consider the application, thank you.

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