Bishop Seabury Academy

Bishop Seabury Academy is a small school that packs a big punch. It’s a great atmosphere right in the heart of Lawrence Kansas. Bishop is known for promoting individual academic growth and character development through outstanding programs. We are a little like “ Friday Night Lights” and the song “ We Are Family”

It’s a place where great things happen and memories are made – Over Time Buzzer Beaters, volleyball matches, outstanding Cross Country runners, State swimmers, golfers and soccer too. We have musicals and plays that will astonish all who enter. Our school works together so kids can make the most of their lives and be successful.

A Video Score Board would enhance the opportunities at Bishop Seabury. Students could promote school spirit, run dance cams, create educational videos and much more. The possibilities are endless.

The Administration team could use this as a tool for promoting school academics, movie nights, live feeds as well as school announcements. All of which could be tied into curriculum, from editing video, displaying school projects, practicing presentations and having and audio system as well.

The Students and staff at Bishop Seabury Academy would be so thankful and pumped up if we were chosen for this Facilities Enrichment Grant.

21 Responses to “Bishop Seabury Academy”

  1. Carla Rasch says:

    Bishop Seabury is so deserving of winning a grant for their school. I have attended several volleyball and basketball games. I am not a parent but I have been in the spectator section with many of them and the students. I was so pleased to see them cheering for all students regardless of their skill level. The school has so much pride for all of their students and programs. It is refreshing to see such dedication and enthusiasm.

  2. Sandy Stephens says:

    Bishop Seabury has impressed me with their quest for excellence They will put this enrichment grant to great use!

  3. Kami says:

    My daughter transferred to Bishop Seabury at semester her Freshman year of high school. Since transferring to Bishop Seabury Academy her whole life has changed. Seabury students and faculty are so welcoming to every student. They have a no-cut policy, which allows every student a chance to experience all types of sports. Students who would typically have to choose their “primary” sport are able to compete and learn about other activities they are interested in. All the coaches are top-notch and everyone at the school cares about the student as a whole… not just in class or on the court/field. The students encourage each other in a way I have never seen in a school before. They rally around each other and lift each other up. Sports are an epic event and everyone comes out to watch… if they aren’t playing themselves! No one is left out. Awarding BSA this grant would be amazing and increase school spirit even more!

  4. RD Helt says:

    This school, Bishop Seabury, epitomizes what a high school and middle school should be all about. Education and exceptional teaching are the foundation – balanced with a solid extra curricular program of athletics, music and the arts. The kids are a family, no one trying to out dress or out do the other – but focused on being the best they can be. The environment is safe, the leadership and the teaching is outstanding, and the kids pride in their school is phenomenal!

  5. Kyle LaRosh says:

    My awareness of Bishop Seabury has come from my Granddaughter attending high school there. I have seen how the educational atomsphere has ignited a sincere desire for her to learn and excel! The school spirit and unity among the students adds great depth of maturity and preparation for the next step in these young people’s lives! Any funds they receive would be an investment that will multiply again and again in the students’ acheivements!

  6. Jean Schrader says:

    Seabury is a place children thrive! My son and daughter have received a top notch education as well as state level athletic participation at Seabury. Our school is currently raising funds for a larger campus due to higher enrollment and a scoreboard will be used in countless ways. I nominate Seabury wholeheartedly!

  7. Betty Seale says:

    There’s a popular misconception that private schools are privileged and well funded. That may be true of a high percentage of private schools but not Bishop Seabury Academy. But don’t get me wrong, Seabury is very rich! Rich is school spirit; Rich is good sportsmanship; and Rich in generosity. I have a friend that coaches at Seabury and I was lucky enough to attend one of their matches. For a smaller school, their school spirit and enthusiasm was undeniable. Their sportsmanship was quite evident not only for their own team but extended to their opponents as well. And I only knew a couple of people when I entered the gym but left feeling like I was among real friends. I know that Bishop Seabury would use the $15,000.00 Facilities Enrichment Grant to benefit not only the school but make an even better experience for the students and the community they represent. Thank you for your consideration.

  8. Brian Anderson says:

    Bishop Seabury is a great school for middle school and high school students to learn together through academics, athletics, clubs and many more activities. The faculty, staff and parents all work together to create a safe environment where students are allowed and encouraged to reach for the goals and become the best they can be in whatever endeavor(s) they choose to pursue. The score video score board is another way to enhance student learning, foster a strong community of sharing information and can be used by the whole school. This grant will allow the school better technology to better communicate with others in the school and the community! Thank you for considering Bishob Seabury for this award, which will create many more opportunities for students to learn.

  9. Eric Nelson says:

    Seabury Academy is the bus that has transported my kids from childhood to responsible young adulthood. My daughter is an 8th grader and my son is a junior in high school. Both of them are completely independent learners– they take full responsibility for their work and get after their academics without complaint. Both of my kids are three season athletes at the school. They do not do club sports because the programs at Seabury are top shelf, with passionate and knowledgeable coaches who care about kids, not just wins. The athletic facilities at the school (rightfully) take a back seat to academics, and a grant like this would be a great boost to the school and its athletes. Thank you very much for considering Seabury fot this grant award.

  10. Jenn Godar says:

    Bishop Seabury students would greatly benefit from a Facilities Enrichment Grant. Seabury is a wonderful community where the students work hard and the faculty go above and beyond to help the students excel personally and academically. With more than 25% of their students receiving financial assistance, it is a diverse and wonderful community. This grant would continue to enhance the learning experiences for so many great students!

  11. Cris Bryan says:

    What makes Seabury different from other schools? We are invested in and have made priority of the personal growth of each student – not just academic growth, but character development as well. Our courses are challenging – we push students to the edge of their ability and then help them go even further than what they thought possible through problem solving and practice. We have daily meetings with Altera Familia, where each faculty member guides a small and diverse group of students, making sure needs are met and support is offered. Faculty members also eat lunch at designated tables with small groups of students, contributing to the family and connected atmosphere of the school. Working at this school feels more like living life and making a contribution to community than merely earning a paycheck. Any contribution to Seabury is a contribution to academic excellence and well-rounded future leaders. Thank you for considering us!

  12. Norma Johnsen says:

    Walk through the front doors of Bishop Seabury. You will be greeted with a good morning and a hand shake. Make your way to the office and the secretary will give you a warm welcoming smile and ask how your day is going. As you travel though the hallways of Bishop you will be amazed at the teachers. Every teacher in that building is fabulous. They will inspire to want to go back to school!

    It’s a blessing to be part of Bishop Seabury. I am confident that if given this grant everyone in the building will find a creative way to use this video board. Come check it out for yourself and be a part of it!

  13. Lisa Barnett says:

    Bishop Seabury epitomizes what a sense of community means. It brings students and families together in a postive atmosphere for education and discovery with athletics being a part of this journey. This school has had a significant impact on my child and know this grant will help others feel this impact.

  14. Mary Smith says:

    I live in Independence Missouri and have been to many volleyball and basketball games. The first thing that I noticed about Bishop Seabury is how great the kids and faculty is and great sportsmanship. Being a former teacher it is easy to see that through the great nurturing all of these kids r bound for great things in the future.

  15. Cara says:

    Seabury is a unique, special place that makes BOTH guardians and students feel at home. Due to the environment, both groups want to be involved and participate at some level in a variety of activities as there really is a place for every type of individual which is where the community vibe comes from. The faculty and staff are exceptional and it’s pretty amazing how genuine (and not jaded) they are about their passion for the school and their students, regardless of the type of student. Thank you for considering Seabury for this grant award.

  16. Lindsey Hornberger says:

    As a current senior at Bishop Seabury Academy, I have competed in multiple sports including soccer, basketball, and volleyball. The coaches truly care about their team as people, not just as players. Seabury has encouraged me to participate in sports and clubs that I would never that thought twice about if I had gone to a larger public school. I am so thankful for all of the memories and experiences I have received while being a part of Seabury athletics, and am so glad I made the decision to choose Seabury. I think that this addition to our athletics facilities will promote more fans and students to attend games and add to our school spirit!

  17. Elizabeth Scarbrough says:

    Bishop Seabury Academy transformed me from a shy, unconfident, nervous student to a well-rounded, confident, intelligent team member, student, and overall person. I would not be achieving what I am today and what is to come without my wonderful education and middle/high school experiences. I will always consider Bishop Seabury Academy one of my homes, and everyone there I consider a part of my family. Bishop Seabury was not just a place of scholarly education, but also personal growth and exploration. The school motto “explore your potential” is apparent in everything that Seabury stands for and has become a personal mantra of mine. As an alumni of the school, I would love to see the school itself “explore its potential” and be the best school it can be, and this Facilities Enrichment Grant would help make that dream a reality. Thank you for considering Bishop Seabury Academy for this grant.

  18. Scott Johnsen says:

    Bishop Seabury is a school where academics distinction and character is built. Every child has the opportunity to discover their unique excellence. With teachers being so dedicated and parents supporting the school, and what it stands for this is an amazing place. I hope they have the opportunity for this grant so you can see for yourself.

  19. Amy Helt says:

    Bishop Seabury is awesome! Even though they are smaller in size, they afford (and expect) many opportunities for their students, both educational and extracurricular. The kids are outstanding people and staff push them to be their best. This is school that doesn’t just want to “check the boxes”. They push the students to excel and challenge them to be their best.

  20. Don Schawang says:

    Bishop Seabury Academy was founded in the late 1990’s. It is a young school and exists because of deep affection from a community that feels strongly about offering young people a quality education. I joined the faculty in 2000 and became Head of School in 2007. Staff members, parents, and students are attracted to Seabury because it is a place where learning, achievement, and strong personal character are all celebrated. Students who first came to the school in the old days wanted a learning environment where “It is cool to be smart.” Thanks to the school’s long-held insistence on a diverse student body, Seabury provides all students (regardless of the family’s financial situation) with the opportunity to explore their potential and find their personal value in a culture of high expectations and support. Every week, I meet with prospective parents on their tour of the school, and I tell them how the palpable enthusiasm and happiness of the student body is the most important indication of the school’s ongoing success. It is an amazing place to work and to learn. It changes lives.

  21. Laura Porter says:

    I have taught at BSA for 13 years, and have, gratefully, been a part of helping our school grow, and establish itself as the best independent school in Kansas, three years running. We believe in educating the whole student, offering a curriculum that is academically challenging, character building, and spiritually informative, Our social make up is diverse, accepting and inclusive. Our fine arts program is recognized as an integral part of developing the whole person, and enjoys great success in Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts. Our sports programs have evolved into competitive teams, but with a no cut policy. We have an interesting array of clubs and extracurricular activities that help enrich students’ experiences. Community service is also a key factor in developing a well-rounded individual. All students must partake in serving the community as part of their graduation requirement.
    One of the most unique compliments I received about this school came from a visitor who is a horse expert. She noted that the second you enter a stable, you can tell how well the horses are treated by the way they hold their heads (up and alert = wellness). She said that, likewise, at Seabury, you could tell how healthy and happy the students were by the way they carried themselves. The whole vibe is one of positive energy and enthusiasm. Though this was kind of an amusing analogy, it was fitting, and I’ll take it!