Belton High School

I would like to nominate the Belton High School to be the recipient of this grant. If awarded this grant, this would directly benefit the Belton Agriculture Department in the restructuring of their Agriculture Construction and Mechanics Program. The current condition of the shop equipment is unfit for student use, due to lack of safety mechanisms. I would like to provide the school with the opportunity to continue these hands-on classes, which provide the students with the necessary skills to excel in the workplace. This grant would allow the school to make the repairs to the shop equipment and purchase a ventilation system in order to keep the students safe, while they are working. Please consider choosing Belton High School for being the recipient of this grant.

11 Responses to “Belton High School”

  1. Clay Regers says:

    My wife is the Ag Science Teacher at Belton High School. Every day I get to listen to how she is working hard to make an impact in the lives of students. She has also mentioned several times that the daily stress that she endures as a teacher would be draftily decreased if she was able to get some money to fix the shop equipment. My wife is a very passionate person and she always puts 100% into her job. Not having the proper equipment, has been really hard on her because she has not been able to teach the class like she would like to. Student safety always comes first to her, and that has been her biggest concern this year. Please consider helping my wife make an impact on the students in her class. It is so important to support and invest in career and technical education, because without it we would not have a next generation of strong leaders in the workforce.

  2. John Rood says:

    As a special educator at Belton High School, I know the importance of hands on learning opportunities for our students. I’ve seen first hand the ideas that Mrs. Regers has for her Ag science program, and I fully support the grant going to Belton’s agriculture education department in order to improve our equipment, and provide students an opportunity to learn differently. The ideas that Mrs. Regers have depend on the school finding money to purchase new welding equipment, and other tools that are necessary for a vocational education. Technical and Career education will be more viable than ever with the increasing cost of college, and shrinking pay of college graduates. Please consider awarding this grant to our Belton Agriculture department.

  3. Melinda Piper says:

    The Belton Ag Science Department would benefit greatly from this grant. Giving students the opportunity to learn to work with their hands will allow them to give back to society in ways that other careers cannot. Please consider choosing the Belton Ag Department to receive this grant!

  4. Jennifer Hurt says:

    I feel this would be a tremendous benefit to the school and greatly appreciated by the students and faculty. Mrs. Regers works so hard for her students and the grant would be so helpful for Belton’s Agriculture program. Teaching these students a set of skills they can take with them after high school.

  5. Jason Dieckhoff says:

    I support the Belton Agriculture Program’s application for updating its Agriculture Mechanics laboratory. This is a great program with a great teacher. This grant will be put to good use to allow students to have hands-on application in class.

  6. Gerri Douglas says:

    My niece is the ag instructor at Belton. This would be a great benefit to her students. Mrs. Regers has worked hard to get the Belton Ag department going strong and this is a tremendous opportunity for them!

  7. Reba Piper says:

    Belton has not had a AG program recently and the new teacher is going out of her way to build this program. She has students that really want to learn. In order to learn properly they need the right tools and not the ones that came over on the Mayflower. This grant could go a long way to give a shot in the arm t!o a much needed program. The benefit to the students would be wonderful.

  8. Steven Ellis says:

    Ms. Rogers is a new teacher to our district and comes with such great energy and drive for her students. The Ag program is currently in a state of transition as the program was left in a position that needed to be improved, Ms. Rogers and the students have embraced this change with making strides but need help to truly reach the potential they can achieve. As a show to this testament, the program just recently completed and despite a high need for equipment solidly took 3rd out of 14 local schools in their ag competition. With the support of new equipment, the program will continue to grow and expand allowing the students in Belton to continue to grow and improve.

  9. Laura Ketterman says:

    This grant would be a huge benefit
    to Belton Agricultural students and faculty.

  10. The Belton school district and the Belton community have come together in an unprecedented way to transform the way Ag students learn. They are being given the opportunity for hands-on learning, and they need up-to-date equipment to accomplish this. This grant will go directly to providing students equipment they need to be able to leave high school with adult certifications, prepared for their career in the Ag and Mechanical fields. Cydnee is enthusiastic and is leading the charge to change the future of Belton High School students. Our community supports her all the way!

  11. Nick says:

    This would benefit a young and energetic teacher who is working diligently to rebuild a program that has seen a lot of change and needs a lot of help. Many of the tools are outdated, unsafe or just broken. The students don’t have what they need to learn and be successful. Winning this money would help update the shop and give the kids the ability to get their hands back on the tools and get back to growing.