Osawatomie High School

Osawatomie High School is committed to meeting the educational needs of every student. In order to meet this goal, we are continually seeking new programs and opportunities for our students to pursue.

Next year, we have the opportunity to enter into a partnership with Flint Hills Technical College and provide our students with access to an automotive technology program. This program will allow students to earn ASE certifications while in high school. The students in this program will graduate high school employable and with certificates in hand. As a school system, we firmly believe that the four year college pathway is not the best choice for every student and are committed to career and technical education opportunities for our students.

In order to facilitate student success in and access to the program, we are seeking funding to buy classroom sets of tools for the automotive technology program. Classroom tools sets could be used by multiple students each year and will serve future students for many years in this program.
As a high school with 60% of the student body identified as economically disadvantaged, this grant will help multiple students overcome the biggest barrier to students entering the program – the cost of tools. Each of these students who is able to become a gainfully employed ASE automotive technician can break the cycle of poverty in their family and take the first step toward a middle class future.

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