Liberty High School

Liberty High School need your help. 
We have a dream and slowly is becoming a reality.
Connecting humans with nature is our goal. How you may ask? 
A vacant greenhouse was given to the Spanish Honor Society four years ago. 
Our dream is to create an international garden, that can promote, diversity, acceptance an a 
safe place to battle everyday stress. We want to build a self sustain vertical garden, with a waterfall and all made using recycled items. Can this be possible? Yes! 
Wait a minute, Spanish Honor Society is in charge of a greenhouse? Not the science department? Yes you read right, Spanish Honor Society took the challenge of reviving and repairing the greenhouse, our dream and plan is to create an environment for everyone to use even the local elementary schools near our high school. 
Perceverance, dedication and collaboration, is what the students have. Seniors students have passed the challenge to the next generation of Blue Jay Seniors, every senior class has mark a milestone in the project, it took three years to save enough money to build a door for wheelchair access, the door now in place. High school students do not have an indoor 
We are reaching for the stars so we are also thinking on creating and outside classroom for the future. 
We are the underdogs with a big responsibility would you please help us create a indoor space where students can learn in a meaningful way, also a class that can be use as a safe space for students to connect with nature? The benefits for every single student in our community will be priceless.
Thank you for reading! 

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