East High School

I am a school counselor and East High School. This is my first year as a counselor and I have found that so many of our students struggle with developing coping skills and soft skills that help them sift through their social emotional needs. As a counselor, I am trying to prepare my students for life after high school. No matter what they choose to do, they will all need to possess techniques that help them navigate they hardships they will face in the future. Counselors are supposed to conduct small groups and individual counseling sessions that can help students work on these skills. Currently, we do not have a private spot that is large enough to do these sessions, nor do we have these counseling books or lessons. Our office area is too small and not conducive to our students needs. What we do have is a “counseling annex” area that we use for scholarship meetings. It is not a private enough area for counseling sessions because we have a curtain for a door which allows passer byes to see it and it is located by another door that goes outside. This enrichment grant would allow us to develop our annex area so we can use it for career development, scholarship meetings, AND counseling/small group sessions. We could add a more private door and permanent tables and chairs. My dream is to help prepare our students for life after high school and building a better annex area would allow me to do that.

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