Mid-Buchanan High School

I would like to nominate Mid-Buchanan High School for the $15,000 Facilities Enrichment Grant. This Facilities Enrichment Grant would allow us to expand and improve our press box located at our football field. This money would improve the capacity of both our extra-curricular and classroom learning. Traditionally, a press box holds the coaches for an athletic contest and allows them to visualize plays and adjustments that need to be made. By expanding the press box we can not only host our own and opposing coaches, but we can greatly impact the student learning experience. 

Students in the Multimedia and Journalism classes could get the space, technology, and resources necessary to learn about coverage of live events including group gatherings and assemblies, football contests, and track and field contests. This will provide a physically safe structure in which this can occur. Coverage of live events is difficult and specific and without the necessary space, students are currently only able to post reactionary stories. With the emergence of live news and sports at the high school level, this facility expansion would better equip our students for those experiences. The opportunity to expand this space to become a space for learning would be truly appreciated by our students, teachers, and community.

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