Fort Osage High School

Because there is a lot of programs in our school are really cheap I wanted to do cheer but it is $1,000 and I don’t have that type of money so I would love it if you guys would choose my school

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  1. Tim Dial-Scruggs says:

    As with any school, there is a lot that can be done with this amount of money and any school receiving this amount is going to benefit from it as this money would certainly make it easier on any district or building. At Fort Osage HS, we are in a position where there are numerous things needing attention and very little means to address these needs. There is not a single hallway in the building that doesn’t have water damage from many years of a leaky roof. The cosmetic fix of new ceiling tiles – which is the band-aid we currently place on this issue – works for about a month or so and then the tale-tell marks begin to show again. But, the issues don’t stop there. We also have stained, old, chipped, and missing flooring tiles in the hallways and classrooms which could be replaced and updated.

    Those are some of the actual building facility improvements which could be addressed. But, we could also use this money to create learning spaces for our students. We desperately need a seating area where our students hang out in the mornings (currently just sitting on the floor) in the front entrance/outside the performing arts center for not only these students but also guests to our building during shows and activities. There are other recently renovated areas which are empty (or have a few tables and nothing else) and full of blank space that needs some furniture and to create a more student-centered area for studying and working on classwork.

    Overall, a $15,000 grant could and would go a long way for our building to not only address some basic facility needs such as the leaky roof and missing floor tiles, but also could be used to create some comfortable and updated areas for students and our community guests. Thank you for considering Fort.