Holden High School

My school can use the money because as an R-3 school, the state of MO does not drop a whole lot of money on us for purchasing new equipment or uniforms for our sports teams or our band. I am a member of band and also play on our sports teams and we are wearing the same uniforms that our school has been using for years. We need new stuff and the district tells us we just don’t have the money for it and if we want something better, it falls on the parents to provide it. I would like the school to take the money and buy new band uniforms for sure and let the sports teams use the rest to upgrade their looks as well. We are rural and have about 100 kids per grade level and still have students who make it to state level for band and track and our baseball team and football team made it to state last year as well. These are country kids who expect nothing but appreciate even the littlest things. Please consider us this year.

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