Fairfax Learning Center is an alternative high school located in the Kansas City, Kansas district. Our school is located in the basement of what was built as an annex to an elementary school almost 50 years ago and much of what we have now is original. The rest of what we have is a hodge-podge mix of furniture and fixtures that have come from various programs.

Next year, our program is expanding to include a second group of students. While we may be moving to a different building, it will be one similarly decommissioned and our furniture situation will not change.

Our students are those who “the system” has given up on. They come from the most challenging of situations but still value their education. Coming to a school that literally looks like the storage unit it used to be further perpetuates that image. Despite these challenges, we have over a 90% graduation rate and see our students go on to happy, productive lives. Even a fresh coat of paint and some new light fixtures would be a welcome addition to our building and help us make our job easier and our students’ experiences better.